Grade Verification 3.3 is now available from the Aurora Ed Tech Website!

This is a tiny bugfix release.

PowerSchool created a new tag on the System Reports page that provides better security around which reports users can see. Different state reporting teams have started switching to this tag at different times, and the link insertion has recently started to degrade in more states. This fix allows the link to insert correctly in both paradigms.


  • Fixed bug with System Reports link when new SRP is enabled.

SQL Studio 3.2 is now available from the Aurora Ed Tech Website!


  • Fixed issue with slow queries displaying in wrong tab if switched while running.
  • Improved pattern matching for identifying column names.
  • Improved sizing on popups.
  • Improved whitespace and wrapping in result cells.
  • Improved handling of tlist_sql query errors.
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SQL Studio 3.1 is now available from the Aurora Ed Tech Website!


  • Comments are now stripped from queries when run in tlist_sql.
  • Cursor no longer loses position when switching query tabs.
  • Improved SELECT clause identification.
  • Corrected pluralization of return status message.
  • Better exception handling for parsing query results.
  • Corrected greater than meta character.
  • Improved within-query searching for jumping to table in Data Dictionary.
  • Removed non-functioning beautify code.
  • List of queries automatically truncated to one if not a Premium subscription.
  • Added escaping for XML-unsafe characters on tlist_sql export.
  • Updated pattern of tlist_sql JSON export type to support standalone data sources.
  • Added CSS to keep table from expanding page width and taking query editor with it.
  • Changed export functions to respect tab/space preference.
  • Fixed issue with case sensitivity when identifying studentid and studentsdcid columns.
  • Fixed PS 19.11 AngularJS bootstrap issue.
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We are excited to share that as of May 2019, Marcia Brenner Associates (MBA) has acquired the Custom Alerts plugin.

In 2015, Aurora Ed Tech released the first commercial version of Custom Alerts, and MBA served as its sole reseller.  This partnership between AET and MBA brought the plugin to hundreds of schools across the world, making it easy for school personnel to share important information about students.

Many thanks to the beta testers, all of our customers, and to MBA for being a valued partner in the PowerSchool customization space.

With this acquisition, MBA will be the sole contact for all sales information, demostrations, enhancement requests, and issue tracking.  Please visit the Marcia Brenner Associates website to learn more about Custom Alerts.

SQL Studio 3.0 has been released.  This is the initial public release of the plugin.

SQL Studio is the only query development environment that is embedded entirely within PowerSchool. It does not require VPN connections, special Oracle passwords, or ODBC drivers. It is also available for both local and hosted installations of PowerSchool.

SQL Studio subscription information



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