SQL Studio 3.1 is now available from the Aurora Ed Tech Website!


  • Comments are now stripped from queries when run in tlist_sql.
  • Cursor no longer loses position when switching query tabs.
  • Improved SELECT clause identification.
  • Corrected pluralization of return status message.
  • Better exception handling for parsing query results.
  • Corrected greater than meta character.
  • Improved within-query searching for jumping to table in Data Dictionary.
  • Removed non-functioning beautify code.
  • List of queries automatically truncated to one if not a Premium subscription.
  • Added escaping for XML-unsafe characters on tlist_sql export.
  • Updated pattern of tlist_sql JSON export type to support standalone data sources.
  • Added CSS to keep table from expanding page width and taking query editor with it.
  • Changed export functions to respect tab/space preference.
  • Fixed issue with case sensitivity when identifying studentid and studentsdcid columns.
  • Fixed PS 19.11 AngularJS bootstrap issue.

New features:

  • Query results are limited to 100 rows by default. New shortcut keys for returning all results.
  • Timer for estimating query execution time.
  • Single-line comments converted to multi-line comments for tlist_sql and sqlReports exports.
  • Added directive to remember default rows-per-page across all Grid Widget implementations.
  • Share button for posting queries with results to e-mails/forums.
  • Added newline and cr to autocomplete.
  • Added detection for students.dcid and for making student links and selections.
  • Added table.* insertion option in data dictionary.
  • Added field sortorder to data dictionary (used when inserting table.*).

If you are not already a SQL Studio Premium subscriber, here is what you are missing:

  • Querystring: Pass a set of key=value pairs to the query.  This is useful for testing queries that will have arguments passed to them from user input.
  • Tabs
  • Export buttons: One-click buttons for exporting a query to tlist_sql, sqlReport, or a PowerQuery
  • Copy Data button: Copy the queried data to the clipboard