SQL Studio 3.2 is now available from the Aurora Ed Tech Website!


  • Fixed issue with slow queries displaying in wrong tab if switched while running.
  • Improved pattern matching for identifying column names.
  • Improved sizing on popups.
  • Improved whitespace and wrapping in result cells.
  • Improved handling of tlist_sql query errors.

New features:

  • Data Dictionary drilldown, including full table and view definitions, text search in dictionary, and decoding table and field numbers.

If you are not already a SQL Studio Premium subscriber, here is what you are missing:

  • Querystring: Pass a set of key=value pairs to the query.  This is useful for testing queries that will have arguments passed to them from user input.
  • Tabs
  • Export buttons: One-click buttons for exporting a query to tlist_sql, sqlReport, or a PowerQuery
  • Copy Data button: Copy the queried data to the clipboard