SQL Studio 3.3 is now available from the Aurora Ed Tech Website!

This update contains dozens of fixes, new features, and other improvements.


  • Fixed issue with column aliases containing single quotes.
  • Fixed issue with Help dialog in 20.4.
  • Added handling for previously illegal characters (:;[])
  • Improved Premium dialog message.
  • Improved interface for export query types.
  • Widened autocomplete bar to accommodate longer text.
  • Added message about setting up security groups when none have Full permission to the page.
  • Adjusted autocomplete to allow for case-insensitive suggestions.
  • Fixed bug with error messages being appended to the wrong query run.
  • Fixed issue with trailing semicolon keeping queries from running.
  • Fixed possible issue with switching queries and updating editor.
  • Fixed issue with autocomplete immediately after opening parenthesis.
  • Fixed issue with table/field decode dcid detector.

New features:

  • Added Format button to beautify current query (sql-formatter-plus).
  • Added creation and last run dates to query metadata.
  • Added arguments, summary text, field names, and inverted domain name to PowerQuery export type.
  • Added truncated Forum Post query export type.
  • Added SQL Developer query export type.
  • Added data export templates for CSV, TXT, and JSON.
  • Added handling of Oracle arguments for use with PowerQueries and SQL Developer.
  • Added autocomplete for PowerQuery argument syntax.
  • Added autocomplete for aliased table names.
  • Added autocomplete for ps_customfields API functions.
  • Added some PSHTML tags for autocomplete.
  • Added autocomplete for table.*
  • Added logout detection.
  • Added record linking and buttons for building a selection from DCID values from any table found in DDE.
  • Added Backup/Restore functionality for preferences and queries.
  • Added detailed ORA error logging to console.

Other changes:

  • Moved query export buttons to multi-button group to allow for more options.
  • Removed clipboard plugin and replaced with simpler copy implementation.
  • Changed student selection builder to redirect to /admin/home.html.
  • Removed SQL> prompt from forum post export type.
  • Changed tab icons to buttons with ui-icons.
  • Moved Ace editor out of plugin and deployed via CDN.

If you are not already a SQL Studio Premium subscriber, here is what you are missing:

  • Querystring: Pass a set of key=value pairs to the query.  This is useful for testing queries that will have arguments passed to them from user input.
  • Tabs
  • Export buttons: One-click buttons for exporting a query to tlist_sql, sqlReport, or a PowerQuery
  • Copy Data button: Copy the queried data to the clipboard