Custom Alerts 3.0.2 is predominantly a bugfix release.

  • An issue was discovered by non-US customers who want to add never-expiring alerts. This appears to be a bug with how PowerSchool and/or Oracle handles dates of 0/0/0, which is the default never-expiring alert date.  It does not work the same for 1:Many database extension fields, and users were reporting very odd dates being saved in the database.  This version clarifies that leaving a date blank will result in a never-expiring alert and is the preferred method of data entry.
  • One customer reported not seeing custom images or advanced triggers in the Custom Alert Type Edit page.  It was discovered that the root CPM folder of this particular customer’s server was not ID of 1, so the query failed to return any results.  An adjustment was made to the query so it works in t his situation.
  • The lone new feature added in this release is to show the actual value of a student field in Custom Alert Report pages.  Previous versions showed the word TRUE instead of the value.  The reports will still show TRUE in this space if the alert is triggered by finding a blank value in a student field.  This is to avoid confusion as to why a student is appearing in a report.

This release is available via the Marcia Brenner Associates EasyUpdate plugin.  If you do not have EasyUpdate, or the release is not showing, please contact MBA Support to schedule your install.