Custom Alerts 3.1 has some bugfixes as well as a few enhancements

  • Changed all references to 0/0/0 date to leave as blank. A change in how Oracle handles PowerSchool extended schema fields was causing 0/0/0 to save as 11/30/0002.
  • Fixed issue on Mass Add Alerts page. A bug introduced in 3.0.2 caused all new mass alerts to be saved with a blank expiration date.
  • Added expiration date back to alerts report.
  • Removed unneeded student field triggers from reports folders.
  • Refactored alerts reports in Angular to create better loading experience, add pagination, and add a Download button to the results page.
  • Cleaned up whitespace after stock alerts to tighten up row of icons.
  • Fixed issue with special characters breaking student field triggers.
  • Added operand to Custom Alerts configuration home page to see list of values for “in” and “not in.”

This release is available via the Marcia Brenner Associates EasyUpdate plugin.  If you do not have EasyUpdate, or the release is not showing, please contact MBA Support to schedule your install.