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AMOS Early Warning System

AMOS (Angular Merger of Signals) is an at-risk dashboard that can be customized to display any factors that are in PowerSchool. Each metric can be identified at the school or district level.

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SQL Studio

Develop SQL queries from a user-friendly interface embedded right inside PowerSchool

Grade Verification

This plugin allows for efficient and effective communication between teachers and administrative staff during traditional grade reporting times at the end of the term.

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Aurora Educational Technology has helped hundreds of PowerSchool educational institutions make the most of their student data. Through free plugins, add-ons available for purchase, and individualized customization work, AET has tweaked, enhanced, and improved most areas of the PowerSchool portal.


Custom Alerts acquired by MBA

Jun 07, 2019
We are excited to share that as of May 2019, Marcia Brenner Associates (MBA) has acquired the Custom Alerts plugin. In 2015, Aurora Ed Tech released the first commercial version of Custom Alerts, and MBA served as its sole reseller. This partnership between…

SQL Studio 3.0 Released

Mar 29, 2019
SQL Studio 3.0 has been released. This is the initial public release of the plugin. SQL Studio is the only query development environment that is embedded entirely within PowerSchool. It does not require VPN connections, special Oracle passwords, or ODBC…

Custom Alerts 3.1.1 Released

Mar 05, 2018
Custom Alerts 3.1.1 is a bugfix release

Custom Alerts 3.1 Released

Mar 01, 2018
Custom Alerts 3.1 has some bugfixes as well as a few enhancements

Custom Alerts 3.0.2 Released

Oct 03, 2017
Custom Alerts 3.0.2 is predominantly a bugfix release.