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Truancy Dashboard

Truancy Dashboard is designed to make truancy identification, notification, and intervention documentation a breeze.  This plugin seamlessly embeds into PowerSchool and provides a single screen for attendance officers to complete their tasks.  Every aspect of the Truancy Dashboard is customizable and does not require expensive or time-consuming customization.

IDENTIFICATION: Clickable tiles quickly identify the students who have met specified absence criteria.  These thresholds, configured by the system administrator, can include numbers of absences and can also be contingent upon prior interventions having been completed.  Additional details, including dates of absences, are available with a click.

NOTIFICATION: Once students are selected based on these criteria, notification can be sent in the form of letters, e-mails, or both.  Printed letters are pre-populated with mailing address information and are ready to be sent in a windowed envelope.  E-mails can be sent automatically to the addresses on file for the student with the click of a button.  Both notification types can be performed en masse or one-by-one.  

DOCUMENTATION: At every step, the attendance officer can take notes about actions being taken, right from the dashboard.  This eliminates the need to maintain separate notes for future court proceedings.  All letters and e-mails are also logged to ensure that all steps have been taken prior to escalation to the next level.  Students who have received various notifications and interventions can be recalled by clicking a tile.

The Truancy Dashboard was created with input from several school districts in Alabama and was developed to comply with the requirements set forth in the Alabama Attendance Manual.  Several members of the ALSDE Attendance Committee participated in this process to ensure that the attendance needs of local Alabama school districts are met in this plugin.

Although this customization was initially designed for Alabama schools, the configuration screens allow for custom thresholds and action steps to be set up to comply with any state or district's requirements.

Pricing: $1 per student per year (Minimum: $1,000, Maximum: $6,000)

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Duration: 1 Year
Price: $1.00