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Schoology Enhanced Integration

Schoology Enhanced Integration

Schoology Enhanced Integration helps PowerSchool and Schoology work together better by tightening the connection between the two systems in several key ways.  This plugin is meant to run in tandem with the core sync feature and to add more links between PowerSchool and Schoology.

STUDENT AND SECTION LINKS: Admin users and teachers can jump directly from PowerSchool to Schoology and stay on the same student through an alert icon.  From the Quick Lookup page, admin, teacher, student, and guardian users see direct links to sections. Cut down on time needed to go from seeing a student's current grade to finding the course in Schoology.


TEACHER SECTION LINKS: Teachers can link to a Schoology section immediately after taking attendance in PowerSchool.


DETAILED CONTROL PANEL: System adminstrators have full control over changes made in both systems.



Sync Schedule



Duration: 1 Year
Price: $500.00